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Pedal-of-Honour,-2013---The-Alford-Arms47Essential info for Saturday May 11, 2019

Don’t panic, there’s nothing to worry about: just some general information about the schedule and logistics for Pedal of Honour on Saturday May 11.

This year we one main route. However, as the route twists and turns as it traverses the Chilterns, it is possible to mix and match your own route and still finish at the Royal Oak. Have a look at the route details on the website and make your plans accordingly. Alternatively, please get in touch at if you would like to discuss specific details.


MAIN ROUTE (100k) 

8:30am Alford Arms, Frithsden – breakfast rolls, tea & coffee
9am – Riders briefing
9:30am – Start

Royal Oak 4pm (ish) – barbecue
6pm – minibus departs back to Berkhamsted

We start from the Alford Arms , which is located just outside Berkhamsted in Frithsden. If you haven’t visited the Alford before you should probably check directions HERE. Parking will be extremely limited at the Alford Arms and to be frank they like to save the spaces for paying customers, so wherever possible please get a lift or share a journey to the start. It is possible to park for free in Berkhamsted alongside the Castle and ride up to the start, which not only makes things easier for us, but also gives you a nice warm up. For all you locals – ride your bike here you lazy arses, it’ll be a good warm up. The toilets in the pub will be open, but will be busy, so maybe – ahem – have a little think about that before you set off …..

When you arrive at the Alford Arms please make sure you register and collect your  Stamp Card, which holds essential information about the route and contact numbers. You will also need this at each of the pubs so it can be stamped. As well as being useful it’s a lovely momento of the day. Once you’re signed in, enjoy some refreshments in advance of the rider briefing.

By now you should all have looked at the course on the WEBSITE and figured out the general direction. But rest assured we will be signing the route thoroughly so you can focus on enjoying the ride. It’s possible that some scruffy oiks will have taken signs down the day before, but we’ll check that on the day. The routes are available as a download via RideWithGPS. We will release final route downloads for Garmin next week once we’ve checked there are no roadworks or road closures planned etc.

There will be vehicles following us round to support the riders. Telephone numbers to call in case of emergencies are printed on your stamp cards in case of getting lost or suffering mechanical problems. Sadly, our support staff do not offer bail, counselling or philosophical advice, however they are trained firstaiders and can deal with minor abrasions etc. For anything else they will use a phone and call in the cavalry. The vehicles will also carry bike tools, pumps, inner tubes, puncture repair outfits and refreshments, but it will probably be easier if you are carrying a repair kit yourself because it may take a while for the support vehicle to get to you.


You’re never too far away from one of the lovely pubs on this route. Please take your time at each stop. The staff are looking forward to seeing you and will be disappointed if you race past, so please stop, enjoy a refreshment of your choice (but taken responsibly, right?) and take your time. It’s not a race.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your bike is ready for the big day. Tyres pumped, brakes and gears checked, wheels on – you know the drill. If you think you might have an issue get it sorted now at your local bike shop. We recommend you wear a helmet, but it’s your choice whether you do so or not.

If you’re not a regular rider then hopefully you’ve put the effort in and have done some training for the big day. You are responsible for your health and safety while on the bike so please be sure you are ready to ride. If you have any medical issues at all, please let us know as soon as possible.

Pedal of Honour is covered by third party insurance from Cycling UK.

Our ace photographer will be lurking in the bushes around the course, ready to snap you in your most heroic pose. If you see him, smile. He will try and capture everyone at some point on the day and you’ll be able to see the results online very soon after the ride.

A van will take a personal bag of yours all the way to the Royal Oak, if you want a change of clothes at the end etc.
The van will also bring bikes back to Berkhamsted where they will be dropped at the Rising Sun pub in Berkhamsted. A minibus is also booked to bring riders back to Berkhamsted from Marlow, which leaves at 6pm sharp. There is a cost of £10 per head for the return van and minibus service. To book a spot please email to asap.

Did we mention it isn’t a race? Well, it isn’t – it’s a social charity ride among friends. As such there is no personal insurance and you ride at your own risk. That’s normal for a bike ride of this type and nothing to worry about. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves, so will do everything we can to make that happen. However, we urge you to check your house contents policies or other insurance benefits via banks etc to see if you are covered. Additionally, consider joining either British Cycling or the CyclingUK, which gives excellent cover as part of your membership.


Fundraising: this is a charity bike ride and if you didn’t know it by now, then you haven’t been paying attention. We need to raise as much money as possible. Many of you are already doing incredible work in raising money and we thank you – as do the charities. Please do everything you can. Fundraising details HERE.

If you think we haven’t covered something, then please ask.

See you on Saturday May 11


Pedal of Honour

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