Take a bow Bradley Wiggins

Sir Bradley Wiggins is right: most cyclists are tossers. OK, he didn’t quite say that, but what he’s been saying out loud is what a lot of people have been thinking about the boom in cycling – there’s too many Strava-obsessed, over-competitive, achievement whores who think cycling is all about flogging yourself to death to … Read more

Open University explains bike design

Bike geeks rejoice: the Open University has launched a series of five short films exploring the history of bike design It starts with the advent of the French Velocipede in the 1800s, through the development of bike racing and ends with a look at the materials  being used today and where bicycle design might be … Read more

Framebuilding: how hard can it be?

  by Luigi62 For the biking cognoscenti it’s a nice idea: have a custom bike crafted to your personal fit and form by a bespoke framebuilder. Like heading to Saville Row for a tailored suit, the luxury and exclusivity of having a bike made just for you is a something you’ll enjoy dreaming about about … Read more

Yorkshire takes centre stage at TdF 2014 unveiling

In what must be considered the worst kept secret in professional cycling, Yorkshire was today confirmed as the hosts of the opening stages of the 2014 TdF. Never ones to hide their lights under a bushel, Yorkshire (aka, The Centre of the Universe) immediately released a short film of a man cycling round God’s own … Read more

You want a mudguard? get a Plume!

http://vimeo.com/68416750 Sometimes a gadget comes along that seems so obvious, so cool, soooo right! The Plume is just such a thing: a nowyouseeit/nowyoudon’t mudguard (or rainguard ..whatever) that not only does a job, but does it beautifully. Of course, biking purists might not want such a thing on their precious steed, but me personally, I … Read more